From Bowling Green: Dogfighting bills contested

Dogfighting bills contested

In today’s BG Daily News article “Dogfighting bills contested,” Jackson French focuses on the ongoing struggle between hunters’ rights groups and (as French incorrectly calls animal advocacy groups) “the humane society.” For those of us who’ve been following the contentious evolution of Kentucky’s anti-dogfighting law, two obvious distortions leap from the page. The first comes […]

Hornback: HSUS wants to ban Kentucky hunting

HSUS wants to ban Kentucky hunting?

In Tuesday’s article in the Kentucky Standard, Randy Patrick charges in where few reporters dare to venture. KY Senate Ag Committee Chair Paul Hornback says opposition to his committee sub for the Senate’s dogfighting bill comes from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). And Hornback goes on to claim HSUS wants to ban Kentucky hunting, hence its opposition to […]

WKMS reports: Kentucky prosecutors can use HB 428

WKMS reports: Kentucky prosecutors can use HB 428

In a Kentucky Public Radio report that appeared online just a few hours before today’s Kentucky House Judiciary Committee hearing, Ryland Barton previews Wilson Stone’s bill to close the loophole in Kentucky’s dogfighting law. Unlike its Senate counterpart (Committee Substitute for SB 14), HB 428 respects the rights of hunters and farmers without stopping prosecutors from convicting […]

Dog fighting survivor calls for public support of Kentucky HB 428

Marshaling public support for Kentucky HB 428

Kathryn Callahan and Rebecca Eaves appeared with Kentucky dogfighting survivor Frodo on WHAS’ Great Day Live! this morning and encouraged viewers to phone in their support for Kentucky HB 428. The House Judiciary Committee will convene tomorrow at Noon to hear arguments pertaining to the House Bill that would make it illegal to own, breed, train, transport […]

Kentucky Commonwealth seal

Fatal flaws in CS SB 14 go unreported

Make of this what you will. On February 23, the Kentucky Senate Agriculture Committee held a public hearing to (among other things) roll out its substitute for Senate Bill 14. As you probably know, SB 14 in its previous form would outlaw owning, transporting, breeding, training or selling dogs for the purpose of fighting. The substitute language, […]

Backlash from Senate committee sub (video)

Excellent WAVE3 segment covering the backlash from Senate Ag committee changes to SB14. Kayla Vanover’s report focuses on problems with the “primary purpose” language in CS SB14, though it doesn’t run long enough to discuss problems with committee sub language pertaining to accreditation for breeders and puppy mills.

Capitol building in Frankfort KY night

Is KY legalizing dog-fighting? (op-ed)

In today’s BarkPost op-ed, our own Levity Tomkinson shares insight from recent events in the Kentucky Senate which can be fairly described as shady, and which beg the question Is Kentucky legalizing dog-fighting? Senate majority leaders tout their committee sub as a “compromise” between animal advocates and the hunting lobby. Yet with the exception of hunting lobby representatives, the Ag […]

More teeth in dog fighting ban? Um …

Senate leaders claim CS SB-14 strengthens Kentucky’s dog fighting ban, but prosecutors and dog fighters say otherwise. Prosecutors in Kentucky agree the committee sub for SB 14 would make it even harder than it already is to prosecute dogfighters. The Assistant Commonwealth Attorney from Jefferson County even showed up at the Ag Committee hearing to […]

Dog-fighter loves his KFC

Dog-fighters envision new Kentucky home

During February’s hearing on SB14, Ag Committee chairman Hornback said the committee substitute for the bill would strengthen, not weaken Kentucky’s dog-fighting felony law. Seems at least one dog-fighting enthusiast agrees instead with several prosecutors who insist the CS would make it much harder (if not impossible) to prosecute dog-fighting offenders.