About Us

I’m Sean Pronay, and I created this website for Kentuckians who want to find or share news and information about Kentucky’s legislative efforts to bring dogfighters to justice.

The page heading is “About Us,” not “About Me.” Luckily, I am not alone. I’m collaborating with Kentuckians from every corner of our Commonwealth to close a loophole in our criminal code. Animal advocates, law enforcement officers, criminal prosecutors, shelter directors, rescue volunteers — we represent a diverse coalition of anti-dogfighting interests, but we all agree that dogfighting for pleasure and profit has no place in Kentucky.

The Legal Loophole

While dogfighting became a felony in Kentucky over 30 years ago, Kentucky is the only state where owning dogs for the purpose of fighting is still allowed. State law also continues to allow breeding and transportation of fight dogs. What this means is that for an officer to arrest anyone for dogfighting, he or she must catch the offender(s) in the act. And if you know anything about dogfighters, it should come as no surprise that they’re almost never careless enough to let a cop witness an intentional dogfight.

The Kentucky Senate Ag Committee recently approved language in the bill that would make it nearly impossible to convict anyone of dogfighting. Kentucky prosecutors consistently tell us it is a mistake to exempt fighters whose dogs’ “primary purpose” is something other than fighting — and so is carving out a niche for breeders who claim “accreditation” with a national breeding organization. What was supposed to be a bill closing the Kentucky dogfighting loophole is well on its way to making it even worse.

That’s why we’re here. We love our dogs, but we also love Kentucky and we can’t let violent criminals operate unchecked in our fair state.