All members in UNITED Against Dog-Fighting (UAD-F) are hopeful that SB 14 can be fixed this week in our House of Representatives. Here’s what we’re working towards.

We want a Bill that will make it illegal, as it already is in every other state in the country, to own, posses, breed, train, sell or transfer dogs or their offspring for dog-fighting purposes, while still protecting the rights of farmers and hunters. That’s it. That’s all we’re pushing for. And, that is exactly what the original SB 14 would have accomplished.


UAD-F does NOT support SB14SCS1 for the following reasons:

Prosecutors from around our state and the country have reviewed the language and noted the following:

Not only will SB14SCS1 prevent anyone from being successfully prosecuted for the owning, training, breeding or selling of dogs for dog-fighting, it will go further and weaken our existing anti dog-fighting legislation, which has been effect since 1984.

For more information on the position held by UAD-F and what you can do to help check out our Facebook page:


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