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Fatal flaws in CS SB 14 go unreported

Make of this what you will. On February 23, the Kentucky Senate Agriculture Committee held a public hearing to (among other things) roll out its substitute for Senate Bill 14. As you probably know, SB 14 in its previous form would outlaw owning, transporting, breeding, training or selling dogs for the purpose of fighting. The substitute language, […]

Is KY legalizing dog-fighting? (op-ed)

In today’s BarkPost op-ed, our own Levity Tomkinson shares insight from recent events in the Kentucky Senate which can be fairly described as shady, and which beg the question Is Kentucky legalizing dog-fighting? Senate majority leaders tout their committee sub as a “compromise” between animal advocates and the hunting lobby. Yet with the exception of hunting lobby representatives, the Ag […]

Scrub the Sub

Kentucky law still allows breeding fight dogs. SB14 — the bill that’s supposed to fix that — was recently amended via committee substitution in such a way that would effectively legalize dogfighting in Kentucky. The new language was touted as a compromise that did not alter the bill in any meaningful way, but in reality it […]