An Explanation Of SB 14 As Originally Filed And SB 14 With Committee Substitution


Senate Bill 14 (SB 14) as originally filed on January 6th was an effective piece of legislation which would have made it illegal to own, possess, keep, sell, train, breed or transport dogs for the purpose of dogfighting.

SB 14 with committee substitution is an extremely detrimental piece of legislation which could allow the loophole in Kentucky’s dogfighting law to become even larger.

For a more in–depth explanation of both SB 14 as originally filed as well as SB 14 with the committee substitution and why citizens concerned about dogfighting in Kentucky must take action against the latter, click here┬áto read an article on BarkPost, a dog news/media website which has been continuously covering SB 14.

If you are a Kentucky resident who supports making all activities tied to dogfighting illegal, please call 1–800–372–7181 and ask to leave a message for ALL Representatives to “amend SB 14 to remove the committee substitution language.”

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