HSUS wants to ban Kentucky hunting?


In Tuesday’s article in the Kentucky Standard, Randy Patrick charges in where few reporters dare to venture. KY Senate Ag Committee Chair Paul Hornback says opposition to his committee sub for the Senate’s dogfighting bill comes from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). And Hornback goes on to claim HSUS wants to ban Kentucky hunting, hence its opposition to his committee sub. But rather than simply parrot Sen. Hornback’s assertions and call it a day, Patrick uses an unorthodox and outmoded practice. He explores a different point of view.

Mr. Patrick talks to UNITED Against Dog-Fighting’s Cindy Thomas, and — would you believe it? — it turns out HSUS is not the only organization opposed to Hornback’s committee sub. (Who knew?) What’s more, the Kentucky groups opposed to SB 14 with the committee sub don’t mind hunting in the least. They just want Kentucky law to make it easier for prosecutors to convict dogfighters, and the committee sub would make it harder. So, following the lead of criminal prosecutors, these groups embrace the cleaner, more effective House Bill 428.

As for Sen. Hornback’s claim that HSUS wants to ban Kentucky hunting, Patrick stops short of asking anyone employed by HSUS if their organization wants to see hunting outlawed. Maybe he found the idea too silly to merit a closer look. Maybe he knew that through all the years HSUS has pursued animal welfare legislation in Kentucky, it has never sought to file so much as one hunting restriction. Or maybe he figured it was moot, since Kentucky’s constitution explicitly protects the right to hunt.

In any event, Sen. Hornback’s cries of HSUS seeking to ban Kentucky hunting remain unchallenged, at least in the Press. Any takers?

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5 Responses

  1. Sean Sean says:

    Though HSUS doesn’t seem to have an “anti-hunting agenda,” the organization has a very clearly-defined anti-dogfighting agenda:

  2. Janet Rowland says:

    Great post Sean and some important questions. I’ll share in our groups and on my personal page.

  3. J Thomas says:

    Sadly the reporter failed to do his research here. The afore mentioned group has deep ties with Hsus. Backs Hsus and memics them in word and spirit. Also if the reporter was to go on Hsus page he could plainly see their agenda is to outlaw all forms of hunting. Read their blog post.

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