Marshaling public support for Kentucky HB 428


Kathryn Callahan and Rebecca Eaves appeared with Kentucky dogfighting survivor Frodo on WHAS’ Great Day Live! this morning and encouraged viewers to phone in their support for Kentucky HB 428. The House Judiciary Committee will convene tomorrow at Noon to hear arguments pertaining to the House Bill that would make it illegal to own, breed, train, transport or otherwise transfer dogs for the purpose of fighting. Kentucky is the only state that still does not have such a law.

Callahan is the Kentucky State Director for Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and Eaves is Founder of The Arrow Fund. Frodo is a survivor of Kentucky dogfighting, and today helps educate the general public about dogfighting.

When asked about the support of HSUS for Kentucky HB 428, Ms. Callahan pointed out that it is not just animal advocates, but also prosecutors who want this bill in particular to pass without amendments. “They have looked at the language, and they seem to think that this is good,” she said. “We cannot stress enough the importance of people calling the Representatives who sit on the House Judiciary Committee and also their legislators, and say that they want to have House Bill 428 passed without amendments.”

Callahan also answered the question of whether hunters might be caught up in a criminal prosecution if they unknowingly sold dogs to dogfighters. “We have to give prosecutors and law enforcement a little more credit,” she said. “I’m an attorney … and having dealt with a number of prosecutors in Kentucky, if there’s any possibility that they’re not going to get a conviction on this, then they’re not going to bring a case.”



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  1. Paula Banks says:

    Please pass House Bill 428 passed without amendments. Make it illegal to own, breed, train, or transport dogs for the purpose of fighting. Please protect the dogs from abuse and violence, as well as the people, who imprudently expose themselves to the violence in watching or being connected to dog fighting.

  2. Judy Sylvester says:

    Pass HB 428. Please stop dog fighting.

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