CS is bad news for Kentucky

This is bad news for Kentucky, and good news for dogfighters. The committee substitute language that the Senate passed along to the House actually weakens Kentucky’s dog-fighting law. The committee sub was rushed, and by the time Kentucky prosecutors were consulted, the bill was already on its way to the House. In the wake of […]


All members in UNITED Against Dog-Fighting (UAD-F) are hopeful that SB 14 can be fixed this week in our House of Representatives. Here’s what we’re working towards. We want a Bill that will make it illegal, as it already is in every other state in the country, to own, posses, breed, train, sell or transfer […]

Scrub the Sub

Kentucky law still allows breeding fight dogs. SB14 —┬áthe bill that’s supposed to fix that — was recently amended via committee substitution in such a way that would effectively legalize dogfighting in Kentucky. The new language was touted as a compromise that did not alter the bill in any meaningful way, but in reality it […]