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Kentucky law still allows breeding fight dogs. SB14 — the bill that’s supposed to fix that — was recently amended via committee substitution in such a way that would effectively legalize dogfighting in Kentucky. The new language was touted as a compromise that did not alter the bill in any meaningful way, but in reality it was dictated to committee members by the hunting lobby with no input from prosecutors. In the Senate Ag Committee hearing, opponents of the closed-door revisions presented the consensus of prosecutors who agreed that the new language would make it much harder to convict dogfighters. The committee passed the CS with no dissenting votes, and a few days later, the Senate passed it unanimously. As of February 29, the bill is being reviewed in the House.

The website is the information launchpad for proponents of a clean bill to close the Kentucky dogfighting loophole. It is privately owned and not affiliated with any organization. Its contributors represent a broad spectrum of Kentuckian animal advocates, law enforcement officers and criminal prosecutors. Courteous and informative comments are always welcome.

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Sean Pronay
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